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June 5
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You stood before Eren, watching cautiously as his Titan-shifting power threw him into a blind berserker rage.

“Eren!” you called, hoping that your voice would reach his ears. “Please, stop! We can work through this!”

He hung his head back and let out a deafening roar before lunging towards his target. The 13-metre class Titan was crushed under the heavier weight of Eren and struggled to break free of his hold. Its attempt proved futile as the larger monster had the greater strength. Once, twice, three times he clawed at its face, then pounding his fist so hard into its skull that the skin tore from his knuckles.

After successfully obliterating his foe he swiftly got to his feet and chased down another enemy. Many buildings had suffered collisions from the bodies of the Titans Eren had hurled in their direction. It was rapidly escalating into a massacre.

Scouts from other squads had tried to stabilise Eren before he caused any more damage, but they were quickly swatted away. Your breathing hitched as fear surged through your body. This expedition had been going so well, but before anyone could even celebrate the felling of so many beasts, Eren had lost control of himself.

It was no secret that Eren cared for you deeply, so perhaps you could persuade him, calm him down – just do something other than watch your teammates endanger their lives for a chance to speak with him.

You overheard Levi speaking with his squad about tactics to take Eren out. He had proven himself to be unreliable and a danger to more than just the Titans. You knew you couldn’t let such a thing happen to him. Using your manoeuvre gear, you grappled onto the roof they were settled on and flung yourself over.

“Corporal, sir!” you interrupted. “Please, just let me talk to him.”

“Stand down, cadet. We can’t take the risk,” he replied.

“No! Please, please I’m begging you, don’t kill him, just give me a chance to change his mind!” Your eyes began to sting as tears started to well up. You were desperate.

“I said stand down, cadet.”

You could see that the Corporal wouldn’t give you pardon any time soon, so instead you feebly nodded and walked to the edge of the roof. When he had seemed too preoccupied to notice you, you shot out your hooks and glided through the air to get to Eren. You vaguely heard the other scouts calling to you, but you cared little for their cries.

Your grapples dug into the tough skin of his shoulder as you pivoted your body to land on him. Grasping onto his deep brown tresses for balance you did your damnedest to try and turn this situation around before it all went to hell. “Eren!” you called once more. “It’s me, [First]! I need you to snap out of this, you’re better than this. Please!”

His head turned marginally toward you as those emerald green irises stared down at your figure. For a moment, you thought you had convinced him, but your hope soon vanished when an abnormally colossal hand wrapped itself around you. You could feel the air being squeezed out of your lungs as you clawed frantically at his grip, expecting he would release you.

Instead, he tossed you harshly at the wall of a building, your bones cracking in an instant and your body bending to an unnatural shape. The life had been crushed out of you and you hadn’t even the time to comprehend your premature demise.

The other scouts worked together to bind Eren in one place while Levi forcefully cut him out of the nape in his neck. They would let no other comrade fall to his rage. If Eren was unable to control himself, it would surely call for his execution.

As it turns out, Humanity’s Last Hope hadn’t been too hopeful at all.

It took Eren near half an hour to regain consciousness, and once he had the only thing he wished for was to slip back into that dark stasis.

He stared down at your broken corpse laid out on the stretcher, his heart aching painfully as he lost the strength to stand and collapsed to his knees. “Oh god,” he whimpered, his mind still unable to wrap itself around the concept. “I did this… I did this.”

He hugged your lifeless body into his own as he pathetically bawled into the shoulder of your jacket. He had killed you. He swore on his life that he would protect you, but instead he was the one who caused your death. How fitting that his life would be taken once they returned to the Walls.

Despite the fact that he wouldn’t be getting out of this alive, he cared none. You were gone, and he would soon join you. Maybe he was never meant to be humanity’s saviour. How could he ever expect to be the hero of his people, when he had failed you so completely? He no longer wanted this wretched power of his, no matter how strong it made him. If it resulted in your end, what’s there to stop it from being Mikasa’s, or Armin’s? This… curse of his, it would only end in ruin.

And that was why Eren faced the hangman’s noose with no fear for what was to come.
.... except when it doesnt. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

and ppl say i dont write anything other than levi/readers. pfffffssshhhh cant u see this WHOLE ONE FIC is a different pairing?

not entirely satisfied with how this turned out. i gotta practice more.
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